Colonel By Secondary School Scholarship Information

Terms to Know:

FREE MONEY! Based on academic achievement. If the scholarship requires you to be NOMINATED by your school, submit your application to guidance by the deadline. There is a scholarship committee that will review all applications. Otherwise apply DIRECTLY to the institution offering the scholarship.

Entrance Scholarships are offered by universities and based on marks. DO NOT REQUIRE AN APPLICATION. They are conditional on you earning and maintaining your marks.

MAJOR Entrance Scholarships are offered by universities and based on marks &/or other criteria. A SEPARATE APPLICATION IS REQUIRED.

BURSARIES – FREE MONEY! Usually based on financial need &/or in combination with your academic achievements or pursuits.

LOANS & FINANCIAL AID – this is NOT free money L. These are based on financial need and may require you to pay back all/part of the money.

Where to Start Looking...

e!INFO (http://www.electronicinfo.ca/scholarships)

www.scholarshipscanada.com – Scholarships in Canada

Ontario Student Assistance Program (http://osap.gov.on.ca)
- Apply in the Spring
- Use the ACCESS Window as a Planning Tool to research the cost of programs

http://studentawards.com (yconic)– Student awards

http://www.canlearn.ca - CanLearn Interactive – Government of Canada Link
- Budgeting & Planning for post-secondary education
- Scholarship Search


Although every effort has been made to keep the information up-to-date, this is not guaranteed. It is the student’s responsibility to do his/her research early and to note deadlines and application requirements. Please contact the sponsor directly for more up-to-date information.

If school nomination or sponsorship is required, students should submit their application to the guidance office by the deadline noted for consideration by the scholarship committee.